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Let us find the best tour for you

When most travelers think of tours, images of 'being herded around like cattle' and the old cliche, "if this is Tuesday, this must be Belgium" come to mind. Tours have changed over the years to satisfy a more experienced and knowledgeable traveler. Common myths about traveling on tours are often times just that. At Design Travel, we make it our top priority to know the tour companies and their itineraries so that we can find the best tour for you.

Your choices are limitless

The most important thing to know about tours is that your choices are limitless. Whether you're a backpacker on your gap year, a solo-female traveler, single traveler, gay traveler, avid historian, foodie, luxury-seeker, senior, couple or family — chances are there is a tour out there for you. A tour's size and not necessarily the itinerary plays a huge factor in determining what tour is best for you. Tours can come in a variety of sizes from as little as one person — to large with anywhere from 21-58 passengers depending on the company. Not only are there tours to suit one's personal interests, but there are also styles as well including: independent, escorted and private touring.

Advantages of a tour

The advantages of taking a tour are almost endless. They offer guaranteed and lower prices, can be fully inclusive (food, tips, accommodation, site entrance fees, etc), have shorter lineups, and provide maximum sightseeing opportunities. You benefit from the unique knowledge of a local tour guide, and you often see things off the beaten path.