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Choosing the best small ship cruise

When most travelers think of cruising, images of large ships often referred to as "floating cities" come to mind. Over the last 40 years the cruise industry has grown exponentially from 1.4 million cruisers in 1980 to an estimated 24 million in 2016.  Fortunately, there is an option to traditional cruises and that is "small ship" cruising.

Your choices are limitless

The most important thing to know about small-ship cruising is that your choices are limitless. Whether you're an explorer, avid historian, foodie, luxury-seeker, senior, couple or a family — chances are there is a small-ship cruise out there for you. Likewise small-ships can come in a variety of sizes from intimate yachts carrying as little as a dozen people — to larger ships around 1,000 passengers, which is still relatively small compared to the world's largest mega-ship, Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, which has a double-occupancy capacity of 5,479. A cruise style and not necessarily the ship's size plays a huge factor in determining what cruise is best for you. Not only are there small-ship cruises to suit one's personal interests, but there are also cruising styles as well including: expedition, river, luxury, family and extended voyages. As a general rule, expedition cruising are for those interested in exploring remote destinations, the history and culture of a region. The bigger the ship the more features, more amenities and the greater number of passengers you'll share the ship with; while smaller ships tend to focus on the destinations they visit, the history and culture of a region, and because of their size — the remote ports that are unable to accommodate the larger ships.

Advantages to small-ship cruising

There are many advantages to choosing a cruise over a land holiday. The ease of cruising is unlike any other type of travel, unpack once and wake-up in a different destination almost everyday. With unprecedented on board activities and amenities to suit every taste, cruising has become fun for travelers of all ages. And best of all, because of the growth and popularity, the cruising industry continues to transform to today’s traveller.